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in the streets of Redwood, Minnesota., that day,
that the earthen road-bed had turned to red mud.
In this mud she had seen a little white baby lying
kicking and crying, as the battle proceeded and
the Indians and white citizens were trampling
other youngsters under their feet In the excite-
ment* To save this little fellow, whose upturned
face had appealed to her5 she had reached down
and snatched It up and wrapped it in a buffalo

On their flight into the North-West Terri-
tories., as western Canada was then known,, they,
the Sioux, were attacked by the Mandan Indians,
and a running battle lasting several hours brought
down many victims on both sides. Holy Flying,
another of the Massacre Sioux, told me that all
during this running fight Mrs. Akisa had held the
little white baby behind her own body? to protect
it from the flying bullets and arrows.

Mrs. Aklsa had kept the baby and raised him as
one of her own children until he was a sizable boy;
then one night he had disappeared. She had
heard that he was still living, now a middle-aged
man, somewhere In Manitoba. She loved this
child as one of her own, and she had spent many
of her aged hours brooding over Its loss.

I went down to Winnipeg and put an article in
the Winnipeg Tribune^ under date of February 24,
1923,, asking this Sioux white boy to get In touch